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Football Reconditioning Update

By Chris Fore, 02/19/21, 3:15PM PST


Riddell's Pacific South Regional Sales Manager Gives An Update

I understand there has been a lot of talk/concern, amongst coaches, about the ability to get their football reconditioning completed after the Spring season.

I want to assure coaches that Riddell has been working on this for the past 6 months and we have a plan in place if the Spring season is played. 

When it became clear that California was not going to play a fall 2020 season, we have worked on the details to get the schools who have played across the country picked up, completed and returned in early 2021.

This will allow for us to have the capacity to complete the equipment for the states that are playing a Spring season, in time for their fall 2021 start dates.

We have been having weekly calls with our reconditioning production facilities since mid-December, to keep us updated on the progress that is being made in our 4 facilities. With us having multiple facilities we have the ability to shift equipment around, to the various locations, to make sure it gets done on time.

With that being said, it is imperative for the coaches to know that it is going to take a 100% commitment from them to get their equipment collected immediately after their last game, so that we can start picking up on the Monday following the last game.

In previous years we have been able to wait weeks or months for all of the equipment to be turned in, but this year we won’t have that luxury. We will have a quick turnaround, so we will need the full support from all schools to collect their gear as quickly as possible after the season has concluded. We will bring in personnel from other states, if necessary, to help our local reps to get gear packed, all hands will be on deck.

I hope this will ease some of the concerns that the coaches have and know that this is a top priority for Riddell.  Tom Shaw,