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Coaching Mentor Program Coming Soon

By Chris Fore, 12/24/20, 2:30PM PST


The California Coaches Association will be launching the C2C Mentor Program in the Spring of 2021.  

C2C will partner veteran Head Coaches with rookie Head Coaches for a time of mentorship and guidance through their first 1-3 years of being a Head Coach. 

"My vision is that this would help rookie Head Coaches navigate those troublesome first few years in this business.  Being a Head Coach is a whole new ballgame!  And we are seeing trends in California of Head Coaches being cycled through quicker now than they were 10 years ago," explained California Coaches Association President Chris Fore.

"We hope that this program will provide rookie Head Coaches with someone who has been there and done that to serve as a sounding board and a stable calm voice.  Veteran Head Coaches can still be in the game coaching or retired folks who want to give back to the profession.  Veterans and Rookies will be paired randomly from all across the state.  They will connect via phone, email, text, social media, zoom, etc.  With technology where it is these days, mentorship has changed.  Coaches don't need to sit down in person at the local coffee shop anymore.  A coach in the South Bay of San Diego might be partnered with a coach in Yreka, a mentorship could work with a coach in San Clemente meeting virtually with a coach in South Lake Tahoe.  That's the vision for this thing.  At the end of the day, having a coach who isn't in your district, in your town, maybe not even in your CIF section who you can have a real, confidential conversation with as you need it, as issues arise will be a great thing for our rookie Head Coaches," Fore went on to explain.

Rookie Head Coaches must be a member of the California Coaches Association.  Although the veterans are encouraged to be a member, it is not necessary. 

If you are a Rookie Head Coach (3 or less years), and would like to be mentored, please sign up here.

If you are a Veteran Head Coach with 7+ years of Head Coach experience, please sign up here.

For more information about this program, email CCA President Chris Fore at