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By Chris Fore, CCA, 03/22/20, 8:15AM PDT


It has been reported by coaches of our association that some of them will not be receiving their Spring coaching stipend due to the COVID-19 school shutdown.

The California Coaches Association is calling on the school boards and districts across our great  state to fully compensate. their Spring coaches. This is the right thing to do.

A few reasons:

1. Many coaches are walk on coaches who make a lot of sacrifices with their own jobs and income simply to coach. The stipend they were depending on might not seem like a lot to a district, but it might be to a coach who has budgeted for this income.

2. Districts are still paying their teachers, administrators, and classified staff. Why shouldn't coaches be treated any differently?

3. The money has already been budgeted for this year, and from what we've been told by the governor, it won't be cut off.

4. Spring coaches started work on this Spring season well ahead of the actual Spring season. Although the hours worked this Spring have been cut dramatically, their stipend compensation could cover the hours worked in the Fall and Winter season if you need accountability for the hours.

We thank you for the consideration of paying all Spring coaches their full stipend.


California Coaches Association Executive Board
Chris Fore
Dan Swagerty
Linda Ghilarducci
Rob Grilaou