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58th Annual California Coaches Association

State Coach of the Year and Hall of Fame Awards

Saturday June 13, 2015 will be held in San Diego at the

Crowne Plaza Hotel

in San Diego

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Hall of Fame Inductees

Maureen Bryant - Southern Section

John Carroll - San Diego Section

Paul Knox - Los Angeles Section

Wade Vickery - San Diego Section

William Rockwell Distinguished Service Award

Dean Crowley - Southern Section

Dan Fukushima Lifetime Acheivement Award

Bruce Ward - San Diego Section

Edmund Strelow Media Award

Randy Rosenbloom - Los Angeles

Jim Brownfield Mentor Award

Tim O'Rourke - Southern & LA Section


2015 Coaches of the Year for Northern and Southern California

Sou Cal
Nor Cal
John Achen – Palisades HS – S
Boys’ Athletic Director
Steve Chappell – Northgate HS – NC
Robin Nixon – Coronado HS – SD
Girls’ Athletic Director
Jessica Peisch – Redwood HS – NC
Dave O’Conner – San Pasqual HS – SD
Male Assistant Coach
Steve Birch – Del Oro HS – Sac. J
Carrie Stathus - Steele Canyon - SD
Female Assistant Coach
Jun Reichl - El Camino High - S
Rookie Coach
Badminton Coach
Ambrish Bathheja – Fremont HS – NC
Tim Penprase – Oaks Christian HS – S
Baseball Coach
Mike Talps–Head-Royce School – NC
Dave Kleckner – Etiwanda HS – S 
Boys’ Basketball Coach
Mike Wall – Folsom HS – Sac. J
Kevin Kiernan – Mater Dei HS – S 
Girls’ Basketball Coach
Darren Jackson – N. Salinas HS – CCS
Jeremy Mattern – Brea-Olinda HS – S 
Boys’ Cross Country
John Pelster – De La Salle HS – NC
Dennis McClanahan – Mt. Carmel HS – SD
Girls’ Cross Country
Laura Schmitt – Redwood HS – NC
Matt Logan – Centenniel HS – S 
Kevin Macy – Campolindo HS – NC
Jeff Evans – LB Wilson HS – S
Boys’ Golf
Chris Drake – Torrey Pines HS – SD
Girls’ Golf
Phil Marrone – St. Francis HS – CCS
Jeff Riccitelli – Carlsbad HS – SD
Boys’ Soccer
Jim Fulwiler – Dublin HS – NC
Pat Gray – Pasadena Poly HS – S
Girls’ Soccer
Jon Nishimoto – Bishop O’Dowd HS – NC
John Perez – Santiago HS – S
Teresa Borchard – Amador Valley HS–NC
Ismael Perez – Mark Keppel HS – S
Boys’ Swimming
Maggie Nance – Palisades HS – S
Girls’ Swimming
Heather Johnston –San Ramon Valley–NC
Lori Hollister – Arroyo Grande HS – S
Boys’ Tennis
Alvin Kim – Cerritos HS – S
Girls’ Tennis
Van Latham – Carpinteria HS – S
Boys’ Track
Dooney Jones – Castro Valley HS – NC
Roger Evans – Simi Valley HS – S
Girls’ Track
Michelle McGuire – Windward HS – S
Boys’ Volleyball
Dave Chen, John Vuong - Campolindo - NC
Brennan Dean – Torrey Pines HS – SD
Girls’ Volleyball
Marty Soyoma - El Camino - Sac
Brian Weathersby – Santa Margarita – S
Boys’ Water Polo
Matt Johnson – Gunn HS – CCS
Doug Peabody – Bishop School – SD
Girls’ Water Polo
Pete Galli – Drake HS – NC
Dwayne Buth – La Costa Canyon HS – SD
Saul Pacheco – Los Angeles - S
Terese Howell – Chico – N 

State Winners will be announced at the Hall of Fame/Coach of the Year Awards on June 13th.


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